About us

Logarty is the brainchild of Maya Isaaks and Sally Watkin, two writers and editors who have been friends and colleagues for many years. Between us, we have a rich and diverse background in magazines, books and websites. Our experience includes working for Mother & Baby magazine, Top Santé magazine, Tommy's baby charity, The Walt Disney Company and many other organisations.

Maya says:

Maya thumbnail"I've always been a looker-upper. Pregnant for the first time, I dived into the library (pre-internet!) The habit is still with me and it became far easier once online was an option. The perfect dress, my when-I-win-the-lottery dream house and other home-educating parents are all just a click away.

"The first thing I look for is other people's stories. Yes I want to find out the facts but I learn so much from reading about others' experiences. Whether cautionary, reassuring, weird or inspiring, real-life stories are usually fascinating. So on Logarty, we decided to gather as many stories in one place as we could, and to give some information alongside in case you wanted to find out more about a topic. And here it is."

Sally says:

Sal thumbnail"The internet is my friend. I found my husband on it, stoke my dreams with it (island retreats, reclaimed furniture, reassurance that my teenagers will turn out okay in the end…) and often log on if I’m low or lacking in inspiration.

"My favourite online fix is reading about other people’s lives. However insurmountable my problems seem, once I find someone in the same boat, I feel better. It’s not about strangers or fiction: it’s about communicating with real people whose insight can be invaluable. And having a laugh. Enjoy Logarty."

Thanks to...

The lovely and talented web developer Jon Alport for being a fantastic, supportive friend, giving us the confidence to build this site ourselves and being on hand to help and advise when necessary. It goes without saying that any errors of design, build and judgement are ours alone.

Online community maestro extraordinaire, Michael Howard, for his invaluable support, advice, time and friendship. Michael is never too busy to help (or meet for a fry-up) and we are very fortunate to have the benefit of his considerable experience.

Fabulous photographer, Rachel Barnes, whose talents go far beyond her brilliant wedding photography. Rachel is allowing us to use some of her photos on Logarty and we are very grateful to her.

Designer Dan Chamberlain for his creative input on the Logarty logo.

Last but not least, our wonderful friends and family, who have listened to our ideas, put up with our wobbles, read our content, handed out wine, tea, cake and hugs, and believed in Logarty. Thank you all!

A note about pictures on Logarty

We have lots of images on the site and, when logarts are not anonymous, we use your own photos where possible. When a logart is anonymous, or if a logartee doesn't have a suitable photo, we normally either use images from iStockphoto or photos that we've taken ourselves. We also generally use stock photos to illustrate articles. Images from any other sources are credited on the page where they appear.