Getting started

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Getting started

Hello and thanks for joining us on Logarty talk. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Be concise. Most people have a short attention span – not to mention busy lives – so the quicker you cut to the chase, the better.

Write as if you're talking to your best friend. You'll find the words will flow naturally.

Read what you've written before posting. There are very good reasons why most published work is edited by several people before it goes to press: we all make mistakes and it's difficult to spot your own errors.

Avd txt spk. After all, even a prime minister can get it wrong.

Be wary of abbreviations… …unless they're ubiquitous (eg the BBC). To ensure everyone gets it, spell it out the first time: the National Trust (NT). (Otherwise, some readers could think you were talking about the National Theatre (also NT).

Be cautious of including information that could identify you or anyone else you mention. Once you've posted a story, it's out there for the whole world (and his ex-wife) to see. In a similar vein, never post email or home addresses.

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