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Swimming naked

This logart is really interesting and as an adult I agree with Simon that it's great to not be clothed on the beach and in the sea. BUT when I was growing up my parents were into naturism and I found it horribly embarrassing and would sit there fully clothed wishing I was elsewhere. I think it's fine for adults to make choices for themselves but if you're a parent, it's good to be aware that your child might find the whole idea mortifying!

My partner and I enjoy

My partner and I enjoy sunbathing and swimming on nudist beaches but we wouldn't dream of stripping off in front of our teenagers. They've made their (bikini/trunk-clad) position very clear. Hopefully one day they'll realise what they're missing.

My feeling is that less is

My feeling is that less is definitely more (and I implore anyone who hasn't experienced the delicious sensation of sea and sun on skin to give it a go)… However, I respect the fact that other people may feel differently and I'd hate to offend anyone so I always cover up on beaches that aren't designated 'nudist'.

Just read this article: http:

Just read this article: http://www.theguardian.com/travel/2014/jan/24/copenhagen-denmark-happy-c... about Copenhagen (scroll down to the fifth photo). Tempting…

Can this really be true? Sea

Can this really be true? Sea temperatures in the South West have reached a seven-year high of 20.4˚C/68/8˚F, thanks to strong sun, light winds and mild nights. Happy days.

Brrr. Still too chilly for me

Brrr. Still too chilly for me! I'm a Med kind of swimmer...

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