What's your ideal job?

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What's your ideal job?

On this week's Logarty newsletter, we're looking at the world of work. I love what I do but if I wasn't writing and editing, I think I'd be drawn to working in health in some shape or form, as it's something that fascinates me. Or I wouldn't mind working as a taster in a chocolate factory! What job would you love to do?

As my job is quite sedentary,

As my job is quite sedentary, I often daydream about doing something completely different. Anything that involves getting stuck in physically as well as using my brain appeals to me. Working the land, perhaps – although unfortunately I don't have green fingers – or baking, which I'm not bad at.

Apart from a brief stint as a

Apart from a brief stint as a charity volunteer in my 20s, work for me has mostly been about earning as much as possible. If I could start all over again – which at my age isn't likely – I'd love to do something really useful, which improves lives. I've thought about retraining as a social worker, nurse, or even a human rights lawyer.

With the current chaotic

With the current chaotic state of affairs, I wouldn't mind having a bash at politics. Can't imagine I'd do a worse job than the candidates fighting for our votes. This election seems to be rife with squabbling and deception, when what we need is a strong, decisive, fair and honest leader with sensible policies. No chance.

I love knitting and sewing

I love knitting and sewing and it would be great if I could sell some of the stuff that I make. Unfortunately, I'm not the world's fastest crafter so I'd probably earn about 25 pence an hour.

I always wanted to be a

I always wanted to be a doctor but sadly my science grades weren't up to it. I've worked for several charities, which I enjoy as I like to think I'm doing some good! I remember as a student desperately wanting a job as a road sweeper. We all did. No idea why, but as I recall it was a popular choice and I didn't get to do it. I ended up working in a clothes shop instead to make ends meet. It was back in the early 80s in Kensington and we used to get celebs such as Lionel Blair and Wendy Craig coming in, which made our manager very happy!

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