Do you have a story to share?

Everyone has a story, and that’s what Logarty is all about.

Whether you’ve had a baby, taken up surfing, changed career, overcome a health challenge or experienced a life-changing event, we’d love to hear about it.

What to do

If you think your story would make a good logart and you’d like to share it, get in touch via the Logarty contact form or email with a brief outline of what it's about.

What happens next?

1 If your story is suitable, we’ll email and arrange a convenient time to interview you (either on the phone or in person).

2 After writing up the logart, we’ll email you a copy to read so you can ensure you’re happy with how your story comes across.

3 Once we’ve incorporated any changes you want to make, we’ll put your story on the website.

Why share your story?

It's good to talk. Perhaps you want to raise awareness of an important issue, drum up publicity for a cause close to your heart or maybe you simply have a story you want to tell. If you prefer, you can be anonymous.

It’s good to read. Everyone loves true-life stories, whether they make you smile, cry or open your eyes to something new. Someone out there will appreciate what you have to say.

However unique your experience, others will identify with and be interested in your logart.

The small print

• You can remain anonymous. Some people don't wish to reveal their identity. This is fine with us and we are happy to use pseudonyms and change identifying details, such as dates, places, ages etc. to protect your privacy.

• If we interview you for a logart, we will send you the edited version for approval. However, once a story is written and approved (for factual accuracy), we own the content, and it is subject to copyright.

• We are grateful to everyone who agrees to be interviewed for a logart and we recognise that these are your personal stories. You are, of course, free to share your story in your own way as you wish, as long as it is not republished in the form in which we have written it.

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